Paramount says new Transformers movie will premiere in summer 2022

We'd previously heard that Paramount is working on two new Transformer movies and now we know when one of them will hit theaters: summer 2022. It's unclear which of the two movies will premiere on this date — many details about the films are still missing, though one is expected to be a sequel to Bumblebee released in 2018 and the other is expected to be a Beast Wars spinoff.

It's no secret that the Transformers franchise hasn't exactly been a glowing success — the movie Transformers: The Last Knight released in 2017 performed poorly in theaters, relatively speaking, and raked in very low reviews from critics. Among other things, the movie was nominated for "Worst Picture" and "Worst Actor" at the 38th Golden Raspberry Awards.

Despite that, it doesn't seem that Paramount is ready to give up on the franchise, which will get two new movies in the distant future. We don't yet know any official details on these movies, the exception being a release date for one of them: June 2022.

It's possible this date represents Paramount's desire to nab a release window before other delayed movies potentially slide into the more distant future. Deadline claims that the two Transformers movies will come from Joby Harold and James Vanderbilt, the latter of which will reportedly be based on the Beast Wars spinoff featuring machines themed after various animals like a gorilla and cheetah.

It's unclear at this time whether both projects will ultimately make it to the big screen or whether Paramount will narrow it down to a single movie. Paramount hasn't officially revealed any details about either of the projects, including what they are about and where they may take the Transformers movie franchise.