Paramount panics pushing G.I. Joe: Retaliation to 2013

Motion picture studio Paramount Pictures has lost their nerve in the face of the success that The Avengers is had in theaters. With Battleship debuting in the number two spot behind The Avengers, which is still rolling strong at the box office, Paramount has decided to take one of the films that many geeks are looking forward to this summer and delay it until 2013. What a bunch of weenuses.

The film was set to launch on June 29, which is only about a month away now. Paramount has been pushing the film in numerous spots on TV and you can't see a movie at the theater without running into a trailer for G.I. Joe: Retaliation. Paramount has pushed the film to March 29, 2013 using the excuse that it's adapting the movie for 3-D screens. I think what they mean by that is they're afraid of The Avengers and want to put some distance between G.I. Joe and the Marvel flick.

I think 3-D films are good in some instances, but I really enjoy the fact that Battleship was in plain old 2-D and the lack of 3-D for G.I. Joe wasn't going to keep me from watching. Typically there is little competition in March so Paramount is hedging its bets. My opinion is if you have to delay a movie by nine months after heavily marketing the launch, the movie must not have been very good to begin with.