Paramount launches Xbox 360 app for streaming UltraViolet flicks

Earlier this year, Paramount started selling digital copies of movies directly to movie fans. To begin with, those films, which used the UltraViolet cloud were stuck on your computer alone. Paramount is making a move to free those films from computer and allow you to watch them on your TV. The movie studio is doing this via an app for the Xbox 360.

The Xbox 360 app allows users to stream rented or purchased movies directly to whatever TV the console is attached to. This is yet another feather in the Xbox 360s hat for media fans to enjoy between playing video games. Honestly, an app like this is the only way I would ever consider renting or buying an UltraViolet movie from Paramount.

Anyone familiar with the Xbox 360 and video streaming apps will know that you need a Xbox Live Gold membership. You also need to set up an account with Paramount and UltraViolet. The latter two accounts are apparently needed if you're planning to buy movies. The movies are very expensive with an UltraViolet HD flick coming in $19.99, but rental prices are said to be on par with the industry, which would make me think $5.99 for a 24-hour HD rental. Sadly, the app is not compatible with any other UltraViolet flicks you may own, and you can't rent from directly within the app.

[via The Verge]