Paramount delays A Quiet Place 2 movie premiere over outbreaks

Movie sequel A Quiet Place 2 won't premiere widely across theaters this month, Paramount Pictures has announced. The company has decided to indefinitely delay the release of the movie due to the evolving coronavirus situation. The news comes amid regional bans on certain types of large gatherings, as well as orders for people to engage in 'social distancing' to help delay the spread of the virus.

Aside from some early screenings, A Quiet Place 2 has not yet debuted in theaters. Paramount Pictures scheduled the wide theatrical release to happen on March 20, but things have changed. At this point in time, the premiere has been indefinitely postponed and there's no word on when it will officially debut.

In a statement, Paramount Pictures said that the decision to delay the movie's premiere was made 'in light of the ongoing and developing situation concerning coronavirus and restrictions on global travel and public gatherings.' The company indicates that it plans to release the movie sometime in 2020, but it doesn't yet have a new premiere date.

Though extreme quarantine measures have not been enacted in the US at this time, the public is advised to exercise 'social distancing,' which means avoiding large gatherings, maintaining a distance from other people, and more. Packed theater rooms are obviously not compatible with social distancing efforts, meaning it's likely many people will start avoiding the cinema for a while.

Premiering a movie at this point in time would likely have a major impact on its revenue and traffic; it makes sense to delay the theatrical rollout from both public health and business standpoints. This is one of a growing number of cancellations and postponements resulting from the ongoing outbreaks.