Paramount and Dreamworks paid $150 million for HD DVD support

Chris Scott Barr - Aug 21, 2007

Earlier today we brought you the news that Paramount and DreamWorks had both decided to back only the HD DVD format. According to a piece in the New York Times the decision comes down to a simple fact of money.

According to two unnamed execs at Viacom (which owns Paramount) the two companies will together receive around $150 million for their loyalty to the format. What is interesting is that Microsoft, who most prominently supports HD DVD has stated that they have not paid either company, but wouldn’t rule out the use of that tactic in the future.

Other interesting details have emerged, like the fact that no Steven Spielberg movies will be exclusive to HD DVD, and also the deal will only last 18 months. Is this a last-ditch effort for HD DVD, or is the war far from over?

Two Studios to Support HD DVD Over Rival [via NYT]

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