Parallels Desktop 7 and Parallels Mobile updated to support Retina Display

Parallels has announced that its Parallels Desktop 7 for Mac and Parallels Mobile software has been updated to support Apple's Retina Display on the latest MacBook Pros and the new iPad. This, of course, allows users to take advantage one of the more impressive features found on new Mac products while running a different operating system. In an effort to build some hype around this latest update, Parallels has released a video of the program running with Retina Display, which you can catch after the jump.

In the short demo posted below, we get to see Windows 7 running on a Mac with Retina Display enabled. After turning Windows 7's resolution to the highest possible setting for the computer he's using, our narrator then opens Mac OS X Lion and the Windows 8 Preview, running them all side-by-side to show off Parallel's prowess at running multiple OSes simultaneously with Retina Display pumped up to its max. Pretty neat stuff, if you ask us.

In addition to announcing this update, the company also said that both Parallels Desktop 7 and Parallels Mobile will be updated to support the final releases of Windows 8 and Mountain Lion when those finally arrive. For more information on Apple's Retina Display, be sure to check out our story timeline below!

[via Parallels]