Paradox will give your game the edge you need

If you're into first-person shooters, you know how much of a difference a split-second can make. That's usually the difference between fragging, and getting fragged. With the Paradox controller, you might just get the edge you need.

The Paradox looks like a standard PS2 controller with a trackball in place of the right analog stick. This is supposed to allow for finer control of your movements and faster input. Personally, I could never get used to the trackball, but I know plenty of people that swear by them.

For $45 you can pick one up later this year for either your PS2 or PC. Reflex is currently accepting pre-orders for $27, so head on over to their website to make sure you're the first to nab one.

Paradox gamepad adds trackball speed to PC, PS2 games [via electronista]