Paper craft V8 engine actually works

One of the most popular power plants in automotive history is the trusty V8. The V8 is cheap, powerful, and in most forms very reliable. We've seen plenty of paper craft stuff around here before including an origami Nissan Juke. This time out we have a tiny little paper craft V8 engine.

The coolest part is that not only is most of the V8 made from paper, it also works. Some serious engineering went into making the parts and assembling this little rig. The paper V8 was made by Aliaksei Zholner.

He gave his paper creation a piston stroke of 6mm and cylinders of 5.5mm in diameter. When we say works, you have to gather that it doesn't actually run. However, you can turn the little paper crank using compressed air and the pistons go up and down and the valves actuate.

The only non-paper used in the tiny V8 is some sticky tape used to reduce friction on the valves. We'd like to see this guy make a car to put this engine in. The precision in this little engine is impressive to say the least. You can check out the video below to see more about the little engine and watch it work.

SOURCE: Popular Mechanics