Pantone Cookies for Delicious Printing Results

If you've not entirely switched over your life to a completely paper-free approach, you've been affected by Pantone colors. They've got basically every color in the rainbow, and each color has it's own code. Why do designers love Pantone so much? Because they're both essentially exact, and they make for awesome iterations of other objects. Case in point – Pantone cookies.

A lovely designer by the name of Kim Neill, aka Kim Creative Star, took the time to create a plethora of colorful cookies along the Pantone lines and you can take a peek at them (or if you're a client of hers, take a bite of them,) right now. Not only that, she's sent out a recipe to the world so that her open-source goodness can be had by everyone in the color-loving world. How kind! Take a peek at her full recipe on Kim Creative Star and come back and tell us what you're favorite Pantone color is here – or which one you think would be the most tasty!

[Via Kim Creative Star]