Pantone Capsure lets design pros capture colors anywhere

Shane McGlaun - Oct 19, 2010, 6:37am CDT
Pantone Capsure lets design pros capture colors anywhere

Design pros that want to be able to capture colors for use in their projects wherever they may be have a new device that will let them do just that called the Capsure from Pantone. The device is a handheld color scanner that will allow the user to capture colors from just about any surface including small items, patterns, and multi-colored textures as well as walls and carpets.

The idea is that the graphic designer or decorator might be out during their day and see the perfect color for a project on an object and they can use the Capsure to capture that color for use in the project back in the office. The Capsure takes the color and can then match it to any Pantone color accurately and easily.

The device has tri-directional image capture tech inside and can eliminate the shadows and interference that comes with textured and patterned surfaces. The surface is illuminated form three directions at once and the Capsure records 27 color accurate images in 1.6 seconds and the device can extract four dominant colors from a pattern and allow the user to pick just one of the colors. The device includes a library of 8,000 Pantone colors. Capsure is available right now for $649.

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