Pantelligent smart frying pan helps you stop burning dinner

The love of home cooked meals is often foiled by the reality of burnt home-cooked meals, and the folks behind Pantelligent want to change that. Pantelligent is a smart frying pan that communicates with a mobile app to take would-be chefs step-by-step through the cooking process, including things like monitoring temperature levels, alerting when the food needs to be flipped, and giving a heads-up about what step will need to be taken next. This is largely achieved through an integrated temperature sensor.

The setup looks fairly simple to use, with it involving downloading the app (iOS only for now) and selecting a meal, then following the instructions to prepare it. Some data is input into the app, such as how thick a cut of meat is, then the smart pan is put on the stove. The app alerts when it is hot enough to start cooking, when to flip the food, and when the meal is finished.

Connectivity with the handset is achieved through Bluetooth Low Energy. The app comes with more than 50 recipes in place, and also allows users to input their own. Fortunately, there are plans to create an Android app in the future.

Pantelligent is being funded through Kickstarter, where it is near its $30,000 goal at a little over $24,000 USD with 47 days remaining. You can get one of the skillets by pledging $199 USD, and should receive it in August of 2015 if all goes as planned.

SOURCE: Kickstarter