Panoz to use self-healing paint on cars

Shane McGlaun - Jun 14, 2018, 7:01 am CDT
Panoz to use self-healing paint on cars

Nothing is worse for the car guys and gals out there than to get a scratch on their beloved ride. If a scratch happens normally you must have the car buffed well to remove it or perhaps even repaint the car. Panoz is a maker of boutique sports cars and the company has announced that it will be using cool self-healing paint.

Panoz partnered with Feynlab to use the Feynlab Self-Heal Plus coating on Panoz paint jobs. That coating is a memory polymer that if scratched is able to reform in the original configuration when exposed to heat. The two companies say that the coating is best for light scratches and swirl marks. Those tend to happen when a car is poorly washed.

To remove that sort of paint damage all the owner needs to do is leave the car in the sun or blow hot air on it with a hairdryer. Bigger scratches might not be fixable but at least you know a run through one of the automatic car washes of scratching can be remedied with some sun bathing.

The special paint coating is going to be standard on all new Panoz cars. If you aren’t familiar with Panoz, some of the cars have questionable styling. The lowest priced model is the Esperante Spyder selling for $159,000.

The next step up the model ladder is the Avezzano GT coupe, which is in the image, selling for $159,900. Power for the Esperante is via a 6.2L V8. Considering the cost and rarity of these cars, self-healing paint in a very cool feature.

SOURCE: Autoblog

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