Pandora 4.0 service launches for Android and iOS

Pandora has announced that it has launched version 4.0 of its music streaming service for Android and iOS users. The company says that version 4.0 is the biggest redesign since the launch of Pandora on the two major smartphone platforms. Pandora promises that version 4.0 will offer a better music experience with expanded listening functionality and a detailed personal music profile.

Version 4.0 also promises diverse social sharing capabilities and other innovative features available for the first time. Pandora 4.0 brings a uniform interface to both iOS and Android smartphone platforms for the first time. Mobile platforms are very important to Pandora, with over 75% of its total listening taking place on mobile and other connected devices.

Pandora also notes that it holds a leadership role in the mobile advertising market second only to Google in US revenue for mobile advertising. The expanded listening functionality in version 4.0 includes updated core features for better listening experience and more prominent placement for controls for shuffling stations and dealing details. Artist pages have been modified making it easier for listeners to explore and learn more about the artist, album, track, and station that is playing music they like.

The artist pages now include improved biographies, discographies, genome traits of the current track, and lyrics. Users also get a new personal music profile serving as a detailed timeline of Pandora listening for each user. Other features include a music feed with a centralized place for listeners to find and follow friends on the music service and instant sharing capabilities via social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Pandora 4.0 is available in the App Store right now and will be available in the Google Play store in the coming weeks.