Pandigital Kitchen Technology Center is wireless cooking wonder

If you ever find yourself in the kitchen and lacking a suitable recipe, then you might just be able to make use of the Pandigital Kitchen Technology Center. With its wireless tech and touchscreen, the whole culinary world can be at your fingertips, while you're cooking. Talk about convenient!

Equipped with wireless Internet, this kitchen gadget features a digital cookbook and recipe collection built right in from Bon Appetit. It also has a built in HDTV and can act as a digital photo frame. You can watch TV or have your photo collections display on the screen. You can also surf the web, while you're at it.

Other features include a 5-in-1 card reader, 1GB of memory and a 15.6-inch touchscreen. The touchscreen thing is convenient, but I hope it has some sort of splatter-proof coating. That would be a mess. You can get the Pandigital Kitchen Technology Center now for $449.99. Yeah, that sounded like a lot to us, too.