Panasonic's HOSPI Robot Brings Nurses Drugs When They're Needed [Video]

In the medical field, there's a push to make robots a real presence. Whether that means they take over certain aspects of a particular job, or even just remove the need for a person as a whole, it doesn't matter. And the new HOSPI robot from Panasonic is one of those robots. While it may not take over an orderlie's job over night, you can see how a few improvements could indeed put the robot into every hospital in the world.

The HOSPI robot has one job: dispense, and pick up medications from nurses. There are several sensors inside the robot to make sure that it's able to navigate the lengthy hallways of a hospital without incident, and that includes moving objects, too. And, while other robots in the hospital setting were just starting to see the light of day in some hospitals, Panasonic says that the HOSPI robot is already in full use within 50 hospitals within Japan. Check out the video below to see HOSPI in action.

[via DVICE]