Panasonic Viera WT600 UHD TV Is World's First To Support 4K 60p HDMI 2.0

Panasonic has unveiled a new television called the Smart Viera WT600. The TV is billed as the world's first ultra HDTV with a 4K 60p input design that is based on HDMI 2.0 and the DisplayPort 1.2a specifications. The TV supports ultra HD resolution content at up to 60 frames per second and promises impressive image quality.

The TV will be available in mid-October with a 65-inch screen at a MSRP of $5999. The TV is THX 4K certified and features integrated 2400 Back Light Scanning technology for high motion sharpness during fast action scenes. The TV also features a very thin bezel maximizing the look of the screen.

Since the television uses HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.2a specifications it will be compatible with future 4K media players, set-top boxes, and game consoles according to Panasonic. PC gamers can use the TV as a display for big-screen gaming thanks to that DisplayPort connection. Many high-end discrete video cards support that connectivity.

The TV also features a built-in HTML 5 web browser and can show web pages in 4K resolution. Other hardware features include a built-in 4K H.264 MPEG decoder. Local Dimming Pro technology helps to improve detail in darker and brighter areas. The TV also features a 4K Fine Remaster Engine to maximize quality of the content made with resolutions lower than 4K. The tech is able to bring non-4K image sources to the level approaching the quality of native 4K content.

The television also features integrated Wi-Fi and supports the Smart Viera platform and apps designed for that platform. Available apps include Facebook, Twitter, and Skype. The TV also has an automatic pop-up camera allowing video calls to be made. A keyboard can be connected to the TV using a USB adapter or Bluetooth connectivity built into the set. That Bluetooth connectivity also supports headphones and speakers.

SOURCE: Panasonic