Panasonic updates Toughbook 53 notebook computer

Panasonic offers a line of semi-rugged and fully rugged notebook computers called Toughbooks. The company has announced that it has upgraded its semi-rugged Toughbook 53 notebook computer with some new hardware features. The update promises to make the notebook more reliable and improve performance.

Panasonic aims these notebooks at many mobile markets, including construction, military, and insurance. These machines are aimed at any market where a normal computer wouldn't be able to survive. The main upgrade to the Toughbook 53 computer is the availability of an Intel Core i5-3320M vPro processor running at 3.3 GHz.

That particular processor has a 3 MB cache and features Intel Turbo Boost Technology. Panasonic also expanded storage options with up to 500 GB, 7200 RPM hard drives. The machine can also be optioned with 4 to 8 GB of RAM.

Several new storage options are available, including 128 GB, 256 GB, or 512 GB SSDs. The notebook now has two USB 3.0 ports and improved battery life with up to 11 hours of use per charge. The machine also has an optional integrated GPS receiver accurate within 5 m and optional integrated RFID and smartcard readers. The machine features the same 14-inch LED backlit display designed to be readable in sunlight and has integrated Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and optional mobile broadband connectivity.