Panasonic unveils new Vieira D2 Series 6 IPS LCD panel LCD HDTVs in Japan

Panasonic has announced a new line of LCD HDTVs that are in Japan that use IPS LCD panels. The new sets are in the Vieira D2 series 6 line and include multiple screen sizes to choose from ranging from 19-inch to 42-inches.

The sets combine IPS LCD panels with LED backlighting and are all set to launch on April 23 in Japan. The screens are very eco friendly with low power use. The TH-L42D2 will ship in June and will have a full 1080p resolution panel. All the other sets will ship in April. The TH-37D2 will have 1080p resolution with the TH-L32D2, TH-L26D2, TH-L22D2, and TH-L19D2 all offering 720p HD resolution.

The entire range has Viera Link and Room Jump Links to let the user send recorded shows to other screens in the home for viewing. The contrast ratio is 1M:1 for the screens and pricing is unknown at this time as is availability in other countries.