Panasonic unveils new reference series BT300 2D and 3D screens

Panasonic has unveiled a new line of professional series reference monitors that come in two sizes and support both 3D and 2D content. Both of the screens are large and use plasma technology. TH-42BT300U and TH-50BT300U are 42-inches and 50-inches respectively and are aimed at use in post-production environments. They are made to have high color accuracy and 3D rendering capability.

These screens can be used for all sorts of things from checking into signals in pre-production to performing precision color correction. The screens are large enough to get two images for display at one time allowing for simultaneous color correction of left and right 3D images.

Anytime you see reference and professional in one sentence things are going to be expensive. The 42-inch plasma screen is $3,720 and the 50-inch version is $5,215. The screens are full HD 3D ready and have slot card inputs for left and right 3D images. They have overscanning and underscanning modes and a lot more.