Panasonic to offer live broadcast of Australian total solar eclipse next month

Panasonic has announced that it plans to live broadcast a total solar eclipse from Australia next month. One of the most interesting things about the live broadcast of the total solar eclipse is that Panasonic will use its solar panel technology and lithium-ion batteries to power the broadcast. That means Panasonic will be filming the sun using power generated by the sun, which is pretty cool.

The total solar eclipse will occur on the morning of November 14, 2012 and will be visible in the north of Australia. Panasonic says that it will use only its HIT solar panels paired with its lithium-ion batteries for storage to produce a live broadcast via USTREAM. Regular updates for the project and the broadcast will be posted to Panasonic's Facebook page and Twitter account.

This will be the second live broadcast Panasonic has made of a solar eclipse. In May of this year, Panasonic broadcast an eclipse from Mount Fuji in Japan. The specific equipment Panasonic will be using in the broadcast includes its HIT Solar Panel VBHN235SE10×9 for power generation.

The power will be stored using Panasonic's Portable Power Storage CB-LS01H×30. Panasonic will capture the video using its full HD camera, the Lumix GH2x6. The eclipse will be streamed from the Sheraton Garage Port Douglas Resort in Cairns, Australia.