Panasonic set to redesign some of its lenses

Shane McGlaun - Feb 2, 2011
Panasonic set to redesign some of its lenses

I have a Nikon DSLR and it has no image stabilization built-in. If you want or need stabilization, you have to buy lenses that have the feature integrated. There are some camera brands that have stabilization in the body, but mostly you need lenses with the feature integrated if you want to reduce blur with zoom or longer exposure times with lots of the DSLRs out there.

43rumors reports that it has confirmed with several sources that camera fans using Panasonic interchangeable lens cameras will have some new updated lenses to choose from. One of the new lenses that is reportedly confirmed is a 7-14mm optical image stabilization lens that is expected to be announced officially in the second half of the year.

That is the only lens that the rumors have confirmed. However, 43rumors figures that a 45mm macro lens would also be redesigned. The sources also confirm a new four thirds lens coming in April that is the m43 version of the existing 25mm f/1.4 lens.

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