Panasonic Re-introduces a better 103-inch 1080p Plasma

Daniel Lim - Feb 22, 2008, 2:14 pm CDT

We thought the big Plasma outfit from Panasonic was for show, no go. Apparently, they’ve proved us wrong by publishing the number of 103-inch Plasma unit sold in a Japanese commercial and kept pushing the sizes up to 150-inch at CES 2008. The Big-Plasma-Biz must be good for Panasonic. They have reintroduced the same 103-inch with few upgrades for commercial line and wealthy individual looks to impress their clients or neighbors.

The newer 10 series TH-103PF10UK came out of drawing board with better wall mount configuration, improved video processing technology, anti-Reflective coating, enhanced wireless presentation capabilities, more versatile media card readability, and a dual HDMI board came as a standard feature. No mention of better panels or technologies used to improve better luminance or contrast output, but the step-up model seemed to focus more on industrial and commercial usability than it is for Home-Theater enthusiast.

The unit ships with a 100,000-hour service life with no pricing announced, but it is expected to have the same selling price of $70,000 like their last model, 9 series TH-103PF9Uk.

[via earthtimes]

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