Panasonic pulls a slash and burn on Jungle gaming handheld

Shane McGlaun - Mar 1, 2011
Panasonic pulls a slash and burn on Jungle gaming handheld

Remember that Panasonic Jungle handheld from last year that was supposedly already in testing in the US? No? Well, don’t feel bad the thing was destined to fail. Back in November Panasonic went so far as to send out emails to some geeks telling them they had been chosen to test the Jungle in the US. If you were one of those chosen ones, Panasonic has apparently realized the other portable consoles coming like the 3DS and NGP that are actually cool and killed off the Jungle.

Reuters reports that Panasonic said today that it has stopped the development of the Jungle handheld gaming device. The only details offered by Panasonic as to why it ended development was an official statement that said, “Panasonic decided to suspend further development due to changes in the market and in our own strategic direction.”

I guess Panasonic finally realized that the Jungle really had no chance against the popular Nintendo 3DS and other portable systems already on the market and coming to market. I think this is a project that won’t really be missed. The console was going to focus on MMORPG titles only and the sole game to have been spoken of was a Battlestar Galactica game. Check out the video below for a bit of nostalgia.

[via ComptuerAndVideoGames]

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