Panasonic offers gigantic 103-inch 3D Plasma

Shane McGlaun - Nov 17, 2010
Panasonic offers gigantic 103-inch 3D Plasma

Panasonic has a bunch of different 3D TVs and other massive screened HDTVs in its line .The company has now combined a gigantic screen with 3D capability with the unveiling of its new 103-inch TH-P103MT2. The gigantic display supports full HD resolution with 3D capability and has no integrated TV tuner.

That lack of a tuner means you will need a cable or satellite box of some sort for watching your favorite TV shows. Panasonic uses a new dynamic black layer in the screen and better gas discharge tech and more efficiency for the lamination of the screen. All that fancy tech gives the TV a contrast ration of up to 5,000,000:1 and 24Hz image processing.

The screen ships with one one pair of 3D glasses and weighs an insane 320kgs and sucks down 1350 watts of power alone. You could run ten other 40-inch LED TVs for the same power consumption. With that much epic screen space you know this thing won’t be cheap and it isn’t. The price for the screen is about $102,000.

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