Panasonic Lumix G3 is the smallest and lightest interchangeable lens cam it offers

Panasonic and its line of G-series cameras are very popular with photographers that want high quality images and a portable design. Panasonic has added a new camera to the G family called the Lumix DMC-G3. The G3 is hailed as Panasonic's smallest and lightest interchangeable lens camera with a viewfinder. The camera has all the high-end features you expect from a G-series camera too. It will record full 1080p resolution video for instance.

The camera has a 16MP image sensor and has an external dial for access to common settings and modes like program, shutter, aperture priority, and manual. The dial also has a spots for two custom modes along with scene modes, and creative control mode. The camera has a dedicated button for recording video and changing to video recording without having to change modes. The G3 has integrated flash and a hotshoe for connecting optional camera flash devices.

Other features of the camera include an eye-level electronic viewfinder with a high resolution 1.44m-dot image that covers 100% of the field of view. The rear LCD on the camera is a touch sensitive 3-inch unit that allows things like touch to focus on an area. The camera has 23 auto focus points and has improved manual focusing compared to the earlier cameras in the G-series. That LCD I mentioned also tilts for aligning shots 180-degrees to the side and 270-degrees up and down. The DMC-G3 will come in black, white, red, white, and brown and will ship in June 11. A kit with the 14-42mm zoom lens will sell for $699.99.