Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX520 – now with touch-screen

James Allan Brady - Apr 2, 2008

Panasonic is announcing a new addition to their Lumix line of digital cameras. This particular one has a touchscreen on the back, 5x optical zoom, a 10.1MP shot and a mega wide-angel Leica DC lens measuring at 25mm wide.

The camera can be controlled by both the touchscreen, or if you find it easier, there is still the traditional joystick on the back. This camera is also loaded with the latest of Panasonic’s Auto technologies to make taking amazing shots really simple.

The cameras is said to be shipping, to Australia, in May for a price of $769. The camera also comes with a stylus for those finer adjustments, too bad you can’t use it to lower the price.

[via the Digital ImageMaker]

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