Panasonic Hair Washing Robot Gets Showcased on Video

Late last week, we told you about a couple of automatic machines that were created to make the lives of medical employees and caregivers easier. In the case of the hair washing robot, idea was great: free some time for employees who would normally be washing a patient's hair, by allowing the robot to do all the work for them. The robot was designed to scan and memorize each patient's skull before starting the wash, and then 16 fingers would begin washing. If you were wondering how that might look, then take a look at the videos after the cut.

Much like the other automatic machine, the hair washing robot was specifically created for the healthcare industry, as well as medical workers. The robot is designed with a hand, built with 16 fingers, and two separate arms. These two arms take 3D real-time scans of the patient's head, and then the 16 fingers wash the scalp. The 3D scan is designed so that the 16 fingers know just how much pressure to apply, and where the skull is. Three separate motors inside the arms control pressure, swing, and the massage motions make everything run seamlessly and in order. And then, to make sure that nothing goes wrong, there are the power detection sensors that run in real-time, double-checking everything as the process takes place.

Perhaps the most curious part of the video, is that the researchers are sticking dummies into these machines, and not actual people. It's possible that the video was taken during early testing stages, and therefore no one wanted to put a human in there just yet. What do you think? Would you let this 16-fingered robot wash your hair? Check out the video below.

[via CrunchGear]