Panasonic eyes reentry to smartphone market outside Japan

Panasonic has been making smartphones and offering them to folks in Japan for a while now. There have been no Panasonic smartphones outside its home turf in a while. It looks link that is about to change though with Panasonic looking for a new firm to handle marketing in Europe. The new firm it is seeking will apparently be pimping Panasonic smartphones.

It would be an easy guess to have Panasonic working in Android smartphones, the company has already offered up a couple Android tablets. The last time a Panasonic smartphone was sold outside Japan was back in 2005. Panasonic is said to be targeting "several" countries. There is no word on what other countries it will be looking at.

With Europe and the US as the main consumers of high-end smartphones, perhaps we will see the brand come back to the US. Panasonic isn't commenting on the hunt right now, but I am sure once it lands a firm and starts the push we will hear all about it.

[via PRWeek]