Panasonic Astrovision/AZ-LE12F Large LED Display Series Reaches 200 Inches

Their first implementation of this new line of LED based displays is viewable in Chiba City at the new Qiball complex. This display is really bright too with 5k candelas per square meter.

The actual dimensions of the display are in meters being 3m high, 4 across, and 5 meters diagonally. Each pixel is equipped with a sort of surface mount device that is a 3-in-1 LED which equates to a better mixing of RGB colors to create the intended colors on the display.

The display is also viewable from just about every angle too with its smooth image rendering and wide viewing angles of 145 degrees horizontal and 80 degrees vertical. This is one big display, and I want one 3m high, I could make a house out of these, could you imagine the server rack necessary to power that?

Panasonic Launches large 200-inch screen LED Display [via FarEastGizmos]