Panasonic announced price and availability for the class 6 32GB SDHC, expensive

Daniel Lim - Feb 12, 2008

There’ve been a few 32GB SDHC media cards surfaced in the last 6 months. One of them was a promising in development class 6 SDHC from Panasonic compared to much lower speed Sandisk Ultra II or class 4 models from Toshiba or PNY. Being the fastest media available, it also comes with a hug price tag. If you gotto have a 32GB class 6 SDHC with a warranted minimum transfer rate of 6MB/s up to 20MB/s, then check out the Panasonic. It should be available around April with manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $699! Otherwise, get the cheaper 32GB Sandisk Ultra II at half the price. Both should be released around the same time.

[via cnn]

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