Panasonic 3D Viera RT2B 3D TV gets Blu-ray and HDD recording

3D TVs are flooding the market, though consumer adoption of the sets is still rather slow going. As the sets get more features, they do become more appealing in the eyes of many consumers. Panasonic has announced a new addition to its line of 3D Viera RT2B plasma TVs that have been unveiled in Japan.

The new 3D Viera RT2B set has support for 3D viewing using active glasses and has a Blu-ray recorder crammed inside the set. The TV also has a HDD recorder as well allowing viewers to record programs to the TV and burn them to Blu-ray disc when desired.

The set comes in both 46-inch and 42-inch sizes. The launch date in Japan for the sets is August 27. Official pricing is unknown, but TechOn reports the street price is expected to be the equivalent of just under $5100 for the 46-inch set.