Panasonic 100GB triple-layer BD-RE XL cost $120 apiece

Panasonic Japan has announced the world's first triple-layer 100GB rewriteable BD-RE XL discs, a lengthy name for an optical media format with plenty of capacity. Set to hit shelves on April 15, the new discs will store around 12 hours of 17Mbps terrestrial broadcast Full HD, or 8 hours 40 minutes of 24Mbps HD.

Alternatively you could use it for regular data storage, though if backup is your intention then you'll probably find a hard-drive is cheaper. The three layers are sandwiched with a fingerprint- and scratch-proof coating for increased durability.

Still, 100GB doesn't come cheap; Panasonic Japan will be asking a heady 10,000 yen ($119) per disc.