Palm TouchPad Keyboard Offers Several Sizes Out of Box

The brand new Palm TouchPad, just announced at HP's event today on February 9 2011, is said to be featuring a variable size keyboard, adjustable on screen at the tap of a button. This small, medium, and large adjustment should be able to help you work with whatever type of typing you're used to – tiny screened handset to giant laptop sized keys.

As you types on the homescreen, the JustType screen appears. You'll be able to instantly search Google or Wikipedia or, best of all, post instantly to Twitter. As they've said earlier in the program: multitasking here isn't just an afterthought. How will you use this multi-sized keyboard? For Twittering while you watch a movie? Or perhaps to work on your own, bumping up the size when you hand the tablet over to grandma? It's all up to you with webOS!