Palm seeking webOS game engineers

Palm have advertised for a "Game Frameworks Engineer", who would be responsible for developing and optimizing frameworks for game developers keen to create titles for webOS and the Palm Pre.  According to the listing, Palm are putting together a team dedicated to game development on their new platform.

Palm is looking for developers who are passionate about gaming, handhelds, mobile communication and the possibilities for Palm in the gaming arena. The software developers we're looking for will have strong mathematical/analytical skills and will be effective team members in a small, focused initiative.


Design, implement, debug, and optimize frameworks for game development

The advert was posted on June 29th, and seemingly calls for not one but several graphics engineers who can take a place on this new Palm team.  Other developers are sought for debugging and mobile communications expertise, suggesting that Pre games titles may have cross-network multiplayer functionality.

Palm have also advertised for a "VPN network engineer" who would be responsible for "modifying open-source software to meet the needs for an embedded device [and] developing and maintaining WebOS specific VPN networking components."  Knowledge of Cisco VPNC clients is also preferable, suggesting that Palm is taking enterprise adoption of the Pre very seriously.

[via MyPre]