Palm releases WM6 upgrade for Treo 750 in Europe

Ewdison Then - Aug 29, 2007

Palm has finally released Windows Mobile 6 update for Treo 750/750v. The update is currently only available on their European site. For users that uses Blackberry Connect might want to hold your upgrade plan as it is not compatible Windows Mobile 6 at this moment.

The Windows Mobile 6 upgrade provides improved calendar management with enhanced user interface, E-mail messaging, HTML/Smart Filtering, SharePoint access, voice command via Bluetooth, and more.

I have successfully upgraded my Treo 750 with the download from the European site, so if you can’t wait until it’s being posted on the US site then go ahead and grab a copy from the European site. It works!

Palm posts Windows Mobile 6 upgrade for Treo 750/Treo 750v [via bgr]

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