Palm Pre user guide, features & getting-started documents leak

Chris Davies - May 27, 2009

Pre-day is a little over a week away, and if you’re anything like some members of the SlashGear team you’re wringing your hands in anticipation.  Over at our Palm-loving sibling site My Pre they’ve got something that could keep you from tearing your hair out: the Getting Started Guide, Features Guide and full User Guide for the smartphone.

After the cut, possible OS incompatibilities?

The documents come courtesy of Coal at the Sprint Gurus forums, and detail everything from the hardware specifications of the Pre, through its Bluetooth profiles, preloaded apps and battery life, to gestures and troubleshooting.  If you’ve been desperate to know ahead of June 6th how to link up contacts in the Pre’s Synergy address book, then these are the leaked documents for you.

Interestingly, the Pre Factsheet flags up what could be a few issues for those wishing to hook their Pre up to a computer.  Under “System Requirements” only Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista 32-bit and Mac OS X are listed; no mention of Windows 7, the beta of which many are trying out at present, nor the 64-bit version of Vista.  Now this could be a sign that the list isn’t complete, or that Sprint/Palm haven’t explicitly tested the Pre out with those other OSes, but it could also present some compatibility problems at launch.

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