Palm Pre runs Doom [Video]

A platform can't really be taken seriously until it runs Doom, and so we're glad to report that Palm's webOS has graduated with (almost) flying colors.  Software tinkerer Sargun has managed to port the classic game to the Palm Pre, and it carries across "most of the functionality" of the original onto the new smartphone.

To do so, Sargun used the open-source version of Doom, PRDoom, which uses SDL for its rendering backend.  That meant he had to rework the game to use webOS' DirectFB graphics library, something which sounds difficult but which Sargun describes as "actually fairly trivial".

Video demo after the cut

Something tells us that most people wouldn't perhaps find it so straightforward, so we're hoping a version of this new build escapes into the wild and saves us the effort of learning about DirectFB.  A release through the Pre's Application Store would be even better.  Until then, enjoy the video demo!

[via Engadget]