Palm Pre Gets More Advertisement Up North

So back when the Pre was launching on the Sprint Network here in the states, one of the biggest gripes regarding that launch was the fact that neither Sprint nor Palm was doing one of the major things in business: advertising. Sure, the Pre did healthy numbers in its launch, but with a little bit more advertising they could have been great. And it looks like Bell Mobility is thinking the same way. We've already seen some of the commercials that Bell is releasing regarding Palm's baby, but now it's getting some physical goodness as well, and that's never too good to pass up.

For those of you up North, like in Canada, then you're probably going to want to start heading around your local Bell stores, or online retailer FutureShop, and even Best Buy to take a gander at that little pebble Sprint customers have been playing around with for a couple months now. Or you could just keep staring at those lovely paper ads that have already begun to circulate, considering that Bell Mobility is officially launching the device on their network on August 27th.

So will the advertising help the launch of the phone in Canada? Or will the phone have to speak for itself like it (mostly) did here locally? And, perhaps the most important question: will those same creepy Palm ads make an appearance again, this time to terrify the Canadians? Let's hope not.

[via PreCentral]