Palm Pre 2 lands in UK

Shane McGlaun - Nov 15, 2010
Palm Pre 2 lands in UK

The Palm Pre was expected to do really well in the market and ultimately the phone failed. It sold better than some of the real epic failures like the Kin family from Microsoft, but Pre sales were nothing like what Palm and many people that waited for the phone expected. Palm was eventually gobbled up by HP and the first smartphone to trickle out from Palm since then is the Pre 2 and that device is available in the UK right now.

The catch is that you have to buy the phone SIM free because there is no direct carrier support. After the failed original, you can hardly blame the carriers for not wanting to offer the second version of the device. If you like the idea of an unlocked and contract free Web OS 2.0 smartphone you can grab the thing up right now for £399.

The phone can be purchased only at the Palm UK store. For that much green you get a 1GHz processor and a 5MP camera. The phone has multitasking and lots of other features. It sounds just like the original phone with some tweaks to the OS and hardware. Palms does say the design of the Pre 2 is more streamlined and it uses a 3.1-inch multi touch screen and has a slide out QWERTY keyboard.

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