Palm Pre 2 for Verizon Shown Off in eBay Auction, Subsequently Pulled

While the Palm Pre 2 may be making the rounds over in some European countries right now, as well as in GSM form, and unlocked here in the States, there are several fans of the new device, and primarily webOS 2.0, that are (trying to) wait patiently for the device to land on Verizon. While the device has yet to receive an official release date, or even be shown off yet with Verizon branding, there's no doubt that there's at least a few devices running around on the Verizon network. And sure enough, someone with one of those devices put it up on eBay, where you could have been the lucky buyer. Until the auction got pulled.

Interestingly enough, the person behind the auction listed the device, which is obviously the updated hardware of the Pre 2, as the Palm Pre Plus (Verizon). While that device is already available on Verizon, it's probably a good indication as to why the device had such a low bid at the time of its removal from eBay. At just $46 after two bids, and two days remaining on the auction. Of course, it could be that it was also listed as having a bad ESN, too. However, the auction holder was throwing in a free car charger. The Pre 2 was being auctioned off for parts, but actually finding a device to make use of those parts would probably have been pretty tough for anyone out here in the real world.

The whole story gets more interesting after the seller actually realized that he had a Pre 2 on his hands, and not just another Palm Pre Plus. When the realization hit him, he pulled the auction of his own accord, and now there's no way to get that Pre 2 for yourself. So now we're back to the waiting game, wondering when the Verizon-branded Pre 2 will actually hit retail shelves.