Palm Launches Treo 680

Let me guess, you'd like a Treo 750v.  No, scratch that, you'd love a Treo 750v.  But there're all those bills to pay, food to buy, books about, um, true crime to be bought.  You can't afford all that top-spec Treo goodness.  So how about the Treo 680, announced today...


Kind of like the brightly coloured Nano to the sober, grown-up iPod, the 680 leverages the highly-successful Palm OS – known for being easy to use and yet powerful enough to manage the most harried executive – as well as such features as quad-band GSM, integrated web, email and IM, 64mb of on-board memory (expandable to 2gb via external cards), streaming media and mp3 player, Bluetooth and built-in dial up networking (so you can use the 680 as a wireless modem for your laptop).  Oh, and if you're vain enough to care, the aerial is now internal, just like it's older brother.  Hoorah!

"The Treo 680 is the smartphone for everyone. It's small, sleek, fast and comes in a variety of fun colors. It's a great phone design, great for messaging and email, and provides users easy and fast access to the Internet and to their favorite music and pictures, and makes it easy for people to manage and balance their business and personal lives while on the go." Ed Colligan, president and chief executive officer of Palm, Inc.Palm Press Release Treo 680 Product Page [Palm US]