Palm Hot Apps Gives Developers a Chance to Win $100,000

Being a developer for one of the major mobile platforms on the market is one of the best ways to make some money. Well, as long as you make a good application. Palm's App Catalog isn't necessarily the cream of the crop, but that's not stopping the company from trying every single route possible to get developers to make winning apps. With that in mind, we sure hope you're a developer, because you'll like this bit of news. If you're a fan of money, anyway.

Palm's Hot Apps Program is set up to reward the developer, or developers, of the most downloaded applications available in the Catalog. You can either have the most downloaded free application, or the most downloaded paid app that brings in the most revenue. You need to have that application available to be downloaded from the Catalog between February 1st, 2010 and May 31st, 2010. And, if you're lucky enough to be the developer of the most downloaded application in one of those categories, you'll win $100,000. Just like that.

The good news doesn't end there, though. If you're a developer of other top paid, or free apps, the next 20 in each category will win $10,000 each. Beyond that, if you're the developer of the next 200 in the categories, you'll win $1,000. So, it seems that what little money Palm may have shoved away somewhere is going to the developers. We're pretty sure that's not a bad thing. Then again, we sure hope that some of that cash is going to developing new hardware. That'd be nice. If you want the full details, regarding specific rules, then hit up the via link. If you're a developer, let us know if you're enrolled in the Hot App Program, along with what app you've got invested.

[via Palm]