Palm Foleo hits eBay [Update: Sold for $750!]

Palm's Foleo was – depending on who you ask – either the ideal companion device, cruelly axed before it had a chance to shine, or a pointless distraction for the company's engineers and implicit in their downward spiral.  Either way, if you've always wanted to own one yourself, now you have the chance.  Ixle picked up a Foleo a month or so ago and has been blogging about it ever since; now he's putting the Palm pseudo-netbook back up on eBay.

The Foleo comes preinstalled with just about every app Ixle could find for it which, considering it never actually saw a commercial release, adds up to quite a list.  Not only is there a web browser but Office document editors and viewers, games, financial apps and more.

Right now – with around two and a half days left to run – the Foleo is up to $52 but hasn't met its reserve.  Considering their rarity this could be quite an interesting conversation starter, as long as you only really start conversations with fellow geeks; you also don't have to be using a Palm smartphone with it, since the browser will work happily over WiFi.

Update: And it's sold, for the Buy It Now price of $750!