Palm delays upcoming OS - Is this the beginning of the end?

I have to say, Palm is headed for trouble. Yes, the Centro is certainly refreshing, but can it really save Palm? People have been crying out for some time that they are in a slump, so not all that long ago they showed off their saving grace, the Palm Foleo. Well, I don't think I have to tell you what happened there. Don't worry though, they've finally got the next version of their OS on the way. Right?

Oh, it's still in the works, it'll just be late. (Isn't that how things started with the Foleo?) If all goes well, Palm expects to have the new OS out by the end of next year. Yup, we're talking Q4 2008. Their current OS is already a good four years out of date, what's another year or so?

I don't know what's happening over at Palm, but something has got to give. Releasing a slick new phone running on an old OS just isn't going to cut it guys. In a world of iPhones, N95s and Crackberries, you've got to either innovate or find a new line of work. What's it gonna be?

New Palm OS delay getting old [via coolestgadgets]