Palm announces webOS Mojo SDK

Palm's new next generation operating system, Palm webOS, takes the power of Windows Mobile and combines it with the simplicity of a web browser. Palm has just privately prereleased the Mojo SDK, which is based on the HTML5 and JavaScript standards that most web developers are already familiar with.

Mojo allows users to build applications complete with gesture-based navigation, transitions and scrolling as well as use the notification system to alert users without interrupting what they are dong.  Users can also leverage local storage capabilities of HTML5 so that data is available even when users are in offline mode. Developers can also use JSON-based messages to tap into a wide range of device services including location, contacts and calendars.

An Eclipse-based IDE is included in the SDK that gives users a choice of tools used to build webOS applications. Currently the Mojo SDK is in a private release and will be made available later this year for free from the Palm Developer network.