Palm Ad Could Reveal Drop Date For Centro, And Score You One For Free

So the Palm site in Europe has dropped a nice little teaser page showing the outline of 5 devices and promising that you could win one of them. The site also states that the aforementioned phone will be great for "email, mobile internet, instant messaging, text and – with a full keyboard – saying what you really mean...."

So if you live in the UK, Netherlands, Germany, or Italy feel free to enter the the competition. You win 5 new smarthphones, I am assuming they will all be of the phone that is to be released, to share with friends, family, or keep for future hardware hacking exploits.

The site also gives a date of September 12th, 2007 as the potential release and/or announcement date. Hopefully we will all get to see the Centro in a few days time.

Palm Teaser Page Says Something This Way Cometh [via Engadget]