Pakpod promises to be a real "adventure" tripod

The tripod known as Pakpod is called "more versatile than any tripod on the market today." As such, we're particularly interested in how compact it is, how lightweight, and how rugged. According to its creators, it's made to fold down small enough to fit into your backpack – that's well small enough for our needs, no doubt. It works with a patented locking system that allows its legs to be locked into a holding position at "wildly asymmetrical positions" – that's another point in the positive.

At 15.5 ounces, this tripod is certainly light. It's not made of heavy metal like some of our most recent most-used tripods. Instead its constructed from high-impact ABS plastic and stainless steel. At its feet you'll find "rotating" elements that are able to stake into grass, sand, and snow. The entire construction is both waterproof and freeze-proof.

"I searched for years for a tripod that could be anchored, tied, staked and rigged to things quickly and securely," said Steve Underwood, Pakpod Inventor

. "I couldn't find one, so I built it myself."

While the Pakpod is still part of a KickStarter campaign, it's gone well over its goal. You'll be able to purchase the tripod for $99 MSRP sooner than later.

This tripod has a campaign with Kickstarter that'll last around 24 days more and it's already beaten its $27,000 goal by about $4k. Have a peek and see what you make of it.