Pair Movie split-screen cellphone entertainment

Japanese mobile TV fans will have some new content to play with today, but only if they find a friend to enjoy it with.  Pair Movie is a new drama series intended to be viewed on two cellphones held side by side; the different characters are displayed on the different screens, with the handsets synchronizing the footage via the infrared ports. 


The project is the handiwork of Sony Music, advertizer Dentsu and a promotional company called Mobile Art.  First available is a five-part drama, with the male character appearing on one cellphone and the female on the other, interacting despite playing on separate handsets.

Content appears to be accessed via 2D barcodes; a demonstration is online but the service is only available to Japanese users.  There's no suggestion of what future content will be offered, nor if this is just an one-off advertizing venture or has longer-term potential.

[via Digital World Tokyo]