Pain killer patch releases ibuprofen over 12 hours

Ibuprofen can be seen as one of the most useful medications available today; just two to four pills of the pain killer can help treat headaches to muscle pain. But researchers may have just improved its effectiveness by developing the world's first ibuprofen patch capable of releasing the drug over a 12 hour period once applied to the skin. That sounds much better than having to remember to take the pills every four hours or so.

Scientists from the UK's University of Warwick worked with Medherant, a research firm that focuses on drug delivery, to create the clear, skin conforming patch. Most gel capsules are said to contain about 10% by weight of ibuprofen, however the patch, which is made from a polymer matrix, is capable of holding as much as 30%.

The patch is described as being "highly tacky," forming a strong bond with the skin yet being flexible enough to move with the body. This means it will stay put once applied, reducing the need for reapplication, as well as making it easier for the ibuprofen to be delivered through the skin in a consistent manner over 12 hours.

The researchers expect that it will about 2 years before the patch becomes available on the market, with it being best suited for those who suffer from chronic pain in a specific area of the body, such as back pain or arthritis.

SOURCE University of Warwick

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