Pace set to launch multiroom DVR solution with cable operators

Earlier this week I talked a bit about the multiroom DVR solution that Pace had unveiled. The solution sounds very cool with a central storage service allowing playback of recorded programs anywhere in the home.

The thing about the Pace system that most interested me was the fact that it could handle nine simultaneous HD streams and record programs from multiple TVs at once. The multiroom DVR would mean I would not have to sit through Dora the Explorer again because it was recorded in the living room.

Pace announced today that it is set to launch the multiroom DVR solution with some smaller cable companies soon. The companies include Buckeye Cablevision, Inc., Mediacom, Sunflower Broadband, and others. I don't see any big names in there like Comcast, hopefully if the tech works as promised we will see it come to the other providers like DirecTV and major cable companies.